Easy Ways to Be the Best SEO Reseller You Can Be

Online marketing

Have you begun reselling SEO recently but are still not aware of the fact that nearly 79 percent of people using search engines skew ad based results and focus only on the organic ones, and that 80 percent of these people hardly ever click on paid ads? If this information is not common knowledge to you, make it so. To be the very best SEO reseller you can be, you have to know this stuff. What if a client asks you for statistics on how SEO can improve online sales or how it benefits them to incorporate search engine optimization into their marketing plans? With statistics, you have concrete evidence to present to these clients. They will think you are the best SEO reseller ever.

With Internet marketing today, SEO has become the gold standard just because of the increasing opportunity for online connectivity through computers, mobile devices and tablets. Consumers today, then, are way more informed than yesterday’s consumers, and the purchasing decisions they make rest largely on what they find about companies online. To serve as the world’s best seo reseller in your own eyes and in the eyes of your clients, you must have a grasp on the challenges these brick and mortar stores face as they see competition from more spaces than ever.

Also, to serve as the best Seo reseller you can possibly imagine, you must look at social media too. Never leave this ridiculously powerful tool out of any SEO equation since the two concepts often go together well and since they operate in similar fashions. They both work to increase the presence of a particular company organically or seemingly organically, without direct advertising. Ninety percent of adults who use the web frequently also use social media frequently, yet only about 30 percent of businesses will regularly respond to these adults on a regular or consistent basis. Ninety four percent of marketers involved in social media will track this information and will know all fans and followers, proving its worth across the industry.

So to be the best SEO reseller possible, you have to be familiar with this tool as well. Use SEO, use social media and use the other tools you possess in your veritable marketing tool belt to draw new customers in. To keep them satisfied, though, you must strive to become the very best Seo reseller you have the sheer potential to be.

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